travelling around Kent and Medway.

Film Video and Digital Arts Festival

Join us on it's voyage!

MAIDSTONE: UCA Maidstone, MAW and Stepping Stones Studio - 19/20 Oct 2012


Text by Molly Wright

On Friday the 29th October, 51zeroºVoyager began it descent into UCA Maidstone with a wonderfully warm reception from the University and to a diverse audience of film fanatics ranging from students, artists, filmmakers and local residents.

The event started with everyone gathering in the auditorium which seated up to a 100 people. As well as the comfortable seats and the amazing view of the screen, the presentation given by Professor Nicky Hamlyn brilliantly articulated intellectual insight and historical context of the work he showed including 16mm films and previous UCA students.

After watching the first set of films in the programme, everyone gathered to network over the beautiful spread provided by Siobhan Mcmanmon from UCA Career Service, which was greatly appreciated and went down a treat!

MAKING ART WORKS and Stepping Stones Studio 20th October

To continue on the voyage, the next stop was at the innovative ‘Making Art Work’ gallery and ‘Stepping Stone Studios’, with screenings happening simultaneously at the two different location. The diversity worked perfectly for the Saturday night as audiences had the chance to explore a variety of films in two unique venues. Stepping Stones Studios proposed insightful films of the Punk era and documentaries about the UK at that iconic time, researched for the type of young audiences attracted by such venue.

51:Zero° Voyager project is an initiative by Margherita Gramegna working with Lighten Up. The Maidstone event is a collaboration with Making Art Work. 

The second stage of the ‘voyage’ began with everyone gathering back into the auditorium. As the audience prepared for the screening of another film, it soon came to attention that the wires has been cut off the VHS and was not possible to watch the tapes. Professor Hamlyn, unfazed by the situation scooped up the whole audience and led them into the bowels of the Time Based Media department and showed the VHS programme there. It was incredibly well received and it ended with a filmed performance by Tariq Emam that rapped up the show in a true Time Based Media style.

After a truly wonderful day, a few gathered for a reunion at a local pub and carried on discussing the days activities, reviewing the feedback of the participants to whom the event was of a high standard.

Overall the day was a great success! With the number of submissions far exceeding expectations, everything had fallen into place perfectly.  It was a pleasure to be hosted by UCA Maidstone and hopefully this will happen again some time in the near future.

Positioned on the corner of the busy high street, the Making Art Work gallery beamed with bright lights inviting passers by to explore its eclectic work of art showcasing inside and outside! Outdoor large-scale projections were screened onto the opposite building creating a stunning show. Climbing up the stairs a new adventure was hiding behind each door: digital arts exhibitions were positioned in different floors of the building inviting audiences in. The 51:zeroº Voyager ‘Open Projector’ kicked off with a controversial documentary from a young Greek director, followed by a truly diverse succession of screening to the delight of the audience.

On the whole the events were successful and well attended; the choice of locations well suited and the programme exciting, insightful and very special.

Molly Wright